Norris Estates


The Norris Legacy

Norris Estates will pay homage to the legacy of the Norris family. Dr. E.M. Norris, and his wife Reto Norris, were entrepreneurial innovators of the community. Relocating to Prairie View, Texas in the mid-1930s, Dr. Norris was an esteemed professor of agriculture at Prairie View A& M University for over forty (40) years. As the second Mayor of Prairie View in the late 1960s being highly respected by his colleagues and students, Dr Norris was honored as a namesake of a street upon the campus of Prairie View A&M University. Over the years the Norris’s acquired a 60-acre tract of farmland which they later developed into the community now known as Prairie Gables, owning the first home in the subdivision.

In the mid-1940’s, the Norris’ built the first commercial building in Prairie View, Texas, which was used as a hotel, as well as a diner called, "The Eat Shoppe at Club Gables”. During the segregation era, it served as a major sanctuary along US Highway 290 for African American families traveling between Houston and Austin needing public restrooms, lodging, and an eatery. The building remained until the late 1980's serving as the only source of off campus lodging for Prairie View A & M University students. The Norris’ later became the first African American owners of a Greyhound bus franchise in Texas from the 1950's to the mid 1990's. The City of Prairie View leased the building for City Hall and City Court from the Norris’ for many years. The Norris family were trailblazers for economic growth in the community of Prairie View. This new community by Future Build will continue in the spirit of the Norris Legacy.